“I’m happy to say I discovered Megan for my debut novel and she’s now edited my second book as well. She’s professional, timely, and supremely competent. She suggests necessary and essential changes, but also understands and respects the tone and voice of my writing. As an indie author, it’s my intent to build a team of professionals I can work with that will make my book as polished as anything offered by a formal publishing house. I’m so lucky I found Megan right away. Put simply, she made my book better than it was. She is an outstanding editor.”
– Kat Faitour, London Calling Series, Orphans of Antwerp Series

“Megan was a joy to work with. She was quick to respond and thorough in her work. I especially liked the comments she added that told me why she made certain changes – they will help me deliver a better product the next time.”
– Darren BeyerCasimir Bridge

“The success of every good book doesn’t depend just on promotion and marketing; initially, good editing and attractive cover design play a significant role in book sales. These are the reasons it is my pleasure to recommend Megan. I have known Megan for over two years and have been consistently impressed with her efficient services in editing my manuscripts. Confident, intelligent and excellent in what she does best, I recommend Megan to any aspiring author or published authors working on new projects, willing to see the success of their books.”
– Joel SavageThe Passion of Reggae and African Music, Heart of Endurance, Overseas Chronicle, Road of Agony