1004729_10151469532393479_1551982884_nI’m a Texas-based English major who loves reading and editing so much I decided to make it my career.

My background includes two years at a Print-on-Demand (POD) publishing company editing everything from romance novels to non-fiction how-tos. In my time there, I honed my skills as a professional editor while also learning the art of book cover design and interior layout.

Currently, I work in the Communications department of a health care quality improvement company as a Communications Specialist. I love communications but miss editing books, which is why I made the decision to freelance as a book editor on the side.

There is no degree for editing. Technically, anyone can call themselves an editor. So how can I call myself a professional? Most importantly, I have years of experience, and most of my authors hire me for their next book. Additionally, I hold an editing certificate from the University of Chicago, which is the university that published the Chicago Manual of Style. Being certified in this editing style is important, since most publishing houses adhere to this style. My mentors literally created the book on editing!

What are the other items on my resume? I am a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and ACES: The Society for Editing. For fun, and because I’m a fan of the romance genre, I am on the new submission review panel for ChocLit, a romance publisher.

If at this point you’re still interested, please drop me an email or submit a query through the contact form! I would love to meet you, hear about your new book, and discuss anything I can do for you.


Congratulations on becoming a new author!